Réflexions sur l'Evangile

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 14:1, 7-14

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Edna Maier

Publié: August 28, 2016

Blessings to all of you from near and far as you search for thoughts and words to accompany your own inspired Gospel Glimpse of God’s Goodness.  The Scriptures speak. Our hearts are readied. And we respond in usual and/or unique ways with the Gifts of God!

A surprise prelude gift blest me during a prayerful reflection. This blessing is my mini-poem:
Words of Wonder. . . Words of Light. . . Words of Wisdom. . . Words of Life!
Words Spoken, Written, Saved in Memory. . . Artistically designed. . . Visibly seen!

With each Glimpse of God, we are invited to look beyond the Bread of the Word, spoken by Jesus, heard and remembered by his followers and friends, and presented to us for on-going reflection and blessing. So let us use the special moment of grace that is with us now to take another look at Luke’s parable.

One piece of today’s passage that I do not remember from previous readings goes like this: “the people were observing him (Jesus) carefully.”  Were they trying to get to know him better? Were they just plain curious or maybe suspicious? Were they wondering why the leading Pharisee had invited Jesus in the first place? There are several possibilities: some positive, some negative. The stance of the guests could lead to welcoming Jesus or avoiding an interaction with him during the dinner. This situation leads me to think about strangers in our midst from time to time. How do we greet them or welcome them? Sometimes we are so intent on being with our friends that we can easily lose sight of the unknown stranger in our midst. Just a thought.

My other thought touches on the text of Jesus’ message about choices during the dinner. Some things never change. Guests then and now sometimes gravitate toward the best or friendliest or most distinguished tables. Jesus speaks for the diminishment of this practice and to find places for the poor, the lame, the crippled and the blind…  They and we are family.  And there are so many ways in which we already accent the positive in this glimpse of the today’s Gospel. Let us be grateful for this parable and let us take some shared moments to pass on the good news with one another.  Amen! Alleluia!!!

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