Réflexions sur l'Evangile

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 17:5-10

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Rebeca Spires

Publié: October 02, 2016

Greetings and gratitude to all our Guardian Angels today, living manifestations of God’s tender loving care for each of us. Happy first Sunday of Mission Month!

It’s a wonderful day and the Scripture readings from the Entrance Antiphon (Esther) to the Communion Antiphon (Lamentations) give us so much to contemplate, to pray, to thank for and to celebrate.

Habakkuk brings the age old cry: “How long, Lord?”  In the midst of trials and suffering, of aggression to our Mother Earth, our common home, and to her children, we cry out. Of course God hears our cry and He answers us in diverse ways. For example, in the psalm He says: I hear you. Now do not close your heart but listen to me. And in the letter to Timothy we are reminded that He gives us a spirit that is strong, loving and serious. In fact, He himself, the Holy Spirit, dwells in us.

He sends us forth with the apostles in mission and tells us that we are the “angels”  for today’s world, that we are sent to change the world, to bring to fullness His plans for all of creation, for all of His children. We are to be the signs, the bearers of His great love for all of us. Now it is He who cries out to us: “How long? Until you take me seriously and work together – all of you no matter your religion, race, gender... – and live in harmony and peace.”

Pope Francis echoes God’s mandate insisting that we be a church ever in departure, going out, out of self to be with, to share with, to serve, to love the other, to set things right again, to restore harmony. Like all the prophets of old we say: “Who? Me? Oh no, I am too young, too old, too weak, etc. etc”. But remember the letter to Timothy. He not only gives us the necessary spirit and Spirit; He promises “I am with you always.”

So in today’s Gospel Jesus says “Come on. Grow your faith! You’ve got the power; I gave it to you myself. Believe! Just do it!” And when we have done all we can, given everything, even life itself, there is no reason for a pat on the back. After all: “We were just doing our duty.”

Prayer for the Mission campaign of 2016:
Father of Mercy, who created the world and confided it to humans, guide us with your Spirit so that, as Jesus’ missionary Church, we take care of our “common home” with responsibility. Mary, mother and protector, inspire us in this mission. Amen.

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