Réflexions sur l'Evangile

2nd Sunday of Easter

John 20:19-31

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Terry Davis

Publié: April 03, 2016

I wonder if naming Thomas as the Doubter is unfair. Surely, he was more than this Gospel story reveals. But I also think that doubt is often viewed unfairly and only as negative. Doubt, however, is not the opposite of faith. That is unbelief.

Doubt asks questions and prompts us to test our faith against realities that seem at odds with our dreams and hopes. I even suspect that faith might not be rooted very deeply in the absence of doubt. Perhaps faith even requires doubt.  Otherwise, it amounts to little more than accepting what we are told and dismissing what disturbs and unsettles us.

How can our faith in a good and gracious God not be tested by the grim, dark clouds that hover menacingly over our world? How can our history of war, oppression, cruelty and slavery not cast doubt on the existence of an all-powerful God? And surely we all taste doubt in God's providence when stories of cruelty to children walk with us into our churches and our times of prayer.

During the Season of Lent, we journeyed toward the glory and promise of Easter. The way we are called to walk however, is filled with darkness and fear. I wonder if we might not want to befriend doubt and let its troubling questions deepen our trust in the God who walks with us, no matter how perilous the journey.

Thomas did doubt and Thomas was also one of the faithful followers of Jesus. I believe this Gospel story invites us to acknowledge our doubts honestly and let God appear to us in ways that constantly reveal the loving presence that guides and upholds us, always.

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