Réflexions sur l'Evangile

4th Sunday of Easter

John 10:27-30

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Breta Konzi

Publié: April 17, 2016

The theme of today’s readings is that Jesus is the Shepherd and we, the sheep of his flock.

In the first reading, we hear that the Lord spoke to Paul and Barnabas in telling them that he had set them to be a light for the Gentiles and that they should bring salvation to the uttermost parts of the earth.

We, today, are invited to open our hearts and listen to what the Lord is asking of us. Let us reach out to our brothers and sisters by our actions and with hearts full of mercy.

Jesus lay down his life out of love for us. We are his sheep if we follow him with courage like Paul and Barnabas. If we do this, we shall find eternal life. However, like Paul and Barnabas, we should be prepared to face persecution and hardships. Challenges existed even during the time of Paul and Barnabas.  We read that when the Gentiles heard the word, they were glad and glorified God. But following this, the Jews incited devout men and women to persecute Paul and Barnabas and drive them out of their district because of jealousy. 

Today we face many challenges as Christians and as religious. Let us stand strong in our faith even when we feel like the Lord has left us. He will never let us perish but he will give us ways to overcome our daily challenges.

The Lord Jesus, our Shepherd, is always there to guide us, as his sheep. We belong to him and we will never be snatched from him. When the disciples heard the word from Paul and Barnabas, they were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. When we touch the hearts of people in need, they are happy.  In this way, we bring them closer to the Lord.

The psalmist invites us to be joyful in the Lord because he made us and we are his people. He is a God of mercy and love. St Julie also tells us today, “If you allow the Good God to act, you will become good, very good at his work, and above all, very cheerful with everybody.” Since God made us, let us give ourselves to him and let him lead us.

At the end of our mission, we are assured of joyful life with the Lord.  The book of Revelation reminds us that we will be rewarded hereafter. It will be a time to rejoice when the Lord, our Shepherd, leads us safely to the pasture and to fresh water.

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