Réflexions sur l'Evangile

7th Sunday of Easter

John 17:20-26

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Agnes Nelson

Publié: May 08, 2016

There is great consolation and joy in today’s Gospel as we hear Jesus praying to His Father, not just for the little community gathered round Him, but for us. He prays,

 may the love with which you loved me
 be in them,
 so that I may be in them.” (John 17:25-26)

We need to take time to let these profound words sink in.

If this is Jesus’ great desire for us, we can assume that the gift is given, that is, the love with which the Father loves Jesus is in me.

Let’s consider what this means in practical terms:

  • What would the world look like when I see it with the loving eyes of the Father?
  • What would I hear when I listen with the ears of the Father?
  • What compassion and mercy rise in me as I feel for people with the heart of the Father?

One author tries to capture this mystery by saying that the whole of our being reflects the image of the Father, the image of the Son and of the Spirit. Developing this he continues,

“ ..there is no part of our being that is not rooted in the creating, redeeming and inspiring mystery of God.” (Philip Newell)

As we contemplate this immense mystery contained in today’s Word we are taken into the very essence of our good God, and that God, as we have seen in the life of His Son Jesus, always reaches out. The Father’s love seems to take Him to those who are excluded: the lepers, the sick, the children, those on the margins.

Contemplation always leads to action.

Today, let us take time to sit and listen to Jesus praying for us and invite Him to show us where His love sends us.

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