Réflexions sur l'Evangile

7th Sunday of Easter

John 17:11-19

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Nancy Rowen

Publié: May 17, 2015

Reflection from Matthias, with a Joyful Heart

“I am Matthias ……the first chosen to continue the long line of the Twelve… according to God’s amazing plan. From the beginning, I was one of many who kept his company and listened to Jesus speak. I myself saw extraordinary miracles happen at his word or touch; I saw him live and die. Because again and again, I along with many others, saw him fully alive, I have come to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

At the last supper, I remember especially his intimacy with the Father and the deep desires he prayed for all of us: That we may be one! That we might share his joy completely! That we would know ourselves to be consecrated, as he, and sent by God into our world! In my mind, I can hear him yet. His spirit empowers us now, with a growing confidence born of remembering often and together, all that we who knew him heard and saw with our own eyes. I rejoice that this is what holds and focuses you, too.”

Can you imagine personally speaking with this man, Matthias?

Last Summer, delegates representing 1300 Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the peoples of 14 countries, testified to signs of hope for justice and peace: “We are seeing new signs of hope in a growing awareness of personal and collective responsibility and a thirst for spirituality in the younger generation. Many good people collaborating together work for justice and peace amid the violence and inequality of our world.” Our world needs many individuals, young and old, who take responsibility for bringing about peace.

Like Matthias, as Christians and persons, conscious of our faith in 2015, you also do know Jesus, walk in his ways, and notice his powerful presence and action in your life and times. Through this gift of faith, we share his experience of the Risen Christ. Does faith inform your everyday approach to life?


  • Where would you tell Matthias that you have seen the Spirit of Jesus alive and at work in the world today?
  • With whom do you share your joy?
  • What are the deepest desires from your heart for our world, now, as you speak to your God?

May the great and loving heart of our God accomplish all that he wants to do, in you and with you and all of us!









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