Réflexions sur l'Evangile


Matthew 18:21-35

Gospel Reflection by Sister Bernadette Turgeon

Publié: December 23, 2019

How difficult it is to keep in the Advent season when Christmas is two days away. The readings this Sunday focus on Jesus' identity and our identity as his followers. St. Paul reminds his listeners that "we belong to Christ...called to be holy." Matthew calls Joseph "a righteous man". It must have been very difficult for Joseph when he heard the news that Mary was pregnant; his first reaction must have been shock, but he responded with trust and faith. He moved from astonishment to supporting Mary and the child she was carrying.

For many of us the Christmas Season is one of giving, family celebrations and faith.  For so many others it is not a time of faith or celebrating the birth of Jesus.
I retired this year after more than sixty years of ministering to and with children and young adults.  Being a workaholic, I wanted to continue helping others.  I volunteer at a homeless shelter, not with client but with paperwork, telephone calls, etc. For many of these clients, the season is one finding shelter, food and an organization which will help with gifts for their children.  Many of our grocery stores are using this week to ask those who have so much to share to help by buying food for pantries.  Food pantries often prepare food baskets so everyone has a Christmas dinner.

Reflect: How might we be better witnesses to others?  Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus were helped by the person who owned the stable so they would have a warm place for Jesus' birth. There are so many opportunities, not just at Christmas. Why not take a few minutes to decide how you can help others?

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