Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Feast of Christ the King

Luke 23:35-43

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Esther Adama

Publié: November 24, 2019

On this day the Church in her Wisdom celebrates the feast of Christ the Universal King. It is very remarkable as it also marks the end of the cyrcle ‘C’ of the Church’s liturgical Year. It is essential because Christ being the King of the Universe who existed in eternity before space and time owns the beginning and end of all years therefore holds all things in being.

A king is one who rules or leads the subjects and is an important leader/ruler in the traditional African setting and even in the history of so many ancient empires cut across the world. History showed how several kings were involved in conquests to expand their territories and effects of these wars resulted as we can imagine to the loss of lives and properties thereby contributing to the displacement of people from their ancestral homes; an experience not alien to St. Julie and many people today.

Currently, there are many kings and political leaders at different levels who though leading but careless about the well being and dignity of their subjects. All they concern about is self enrichment, wealth and fame which were acquired at the expense of the people they claim to govern. This has prompted the practices of oppression, injustice, greediness and the like rendering God’s people to be treated as inanimate beings.

The proofs of these can be found in our daily news and social media all filled with the events of wars, insecurity, terrorist attacks, increase in cases of suicides, hunger and malnutrition,  unemployment, abuse of power, environmental hazards of all kinds and killings render women and children in a vulnerable situation. Yet we have kings and leaders who remained mute about the welfare of their subjects and what they have to undergo so as to keep them {leaders} secure. Many people are living under the verge of losing their jobs and positions of power thereby allowing evil to strive. Amidst all these predicaments there is hope for us all who believe in God the Universal King. Jesus’ kingship is not of this world as he rightly said in the scriptures. Christ also calls us to witness to His model of Kingship, Leadership and Followership.

This feast which was instituted in 1925 by Pope Pius XI consoles and reminds all Christians that Christ is the King not just of the Universe but a King forever whose qualities can never be equated. He is a King because as St. Paul describes him in the second reading, He is the image of the invisible God and first born of all creation so that in Him we could see and feel God’s presence and saving power in our world.

Christ ushers in a new and different style of Kingship. He is a selfless King who gave up all for our sake, kenosis; he is a good shepherd king and a servant leader who come to serve and not to be served. He is a liberating king, who does not desire that humankind should suffer hence calls us daily to be co-liberators with him. Christ the King of Kings will continue to reign in our time and hearts so that we can take after him in all endeavors of life.

As Christians, we are all kings, queens, leaders or one entrusted with one role or the other at different time. Christ the King of the universe calls us to always remember to be charitable to our neighbors. Any positions of leadership we find ourselves are just privileges giving to us by God to serve or participate in his leadership style to transform our whole. Christ the King of the Universe calls us to emulate him and make a difference, live a legacy. May Christ the king reign in our hearts. Amen.

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