Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Feast of the Annunciation

Luke 1:26-38

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Janelle Sevier

Publié: March 25, 2017

Today’s feast and this beautiful Gospel are both very familiar. So familiar we may have lost some of the wonder of it all.

What we have is a young woman, full of hopes and dreams, in love, already engaged, and at prayer- probably in her home.  Her life was moving along “in the usual fashion” for a woman of her time and place. Hers was probably a simple life, both in terms of means and in terms of experiences. And that was more than enough. 

And into that very good life came a moment — not too different from the other moments of her life — when God’s presence and her response brought humanity to an absolutely new experience of God. Her holiness must have been deep because she not only noticed and listened when the angel spoke, but she engaged this messenger of God in a conversation. How certain she must have been of God’s presence! She wondered, listened, questioned, clarified, allowed herself to believe what seemed impossible and then very simply acceded: Let it be done to me…

This is a passive statement: Let it be done to me.  Mary ponders … I stand ready and willing to have this action happen in me.  I do not understand it fully, and I do not know what it will mean for the future that I thought I would have. I do not have to be in charge of what is happening.  I do not have to know everything because I know you. And she accepts: Let it be done to me.

Mary looked into the unknown future and believed that God was asking her to willingly cooperate with what God wanted to do within her.   Mary was willing to give grace space within her, and to nurture it with her life. 

And you and I have that same opportunity.

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