Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Feast of the Sacred Heart

Matthieu 11:25-30

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Maura McManemin

Publié: June 23, 2017

My yoke is kindly and my burden light Come to me all who labour and are burdened and I shall give you rest.

Those who would decry the devotion need only read the encyclical, “Haurietus Aquas” to understand that this feast is not an old fashioned devotion but is firmly based on scripture “Divine charity has its first beginnings in the Holy Spirit who is the personal love equally of the Father and of the Son in the Holy Trinity.” section3

“There, is according to Holy Scripture, the closest connection between Divine Charity which bursts into flames in the heart of Christians and the Holy Spirit whose property is in God to love” God demonstrates his own love for us in that while we were all sinners, Christ died on our behalf.” Romans 5:5

Come” – an invitation to those who are open to – love, peace, quiet, solace. We know from scripture that Jesus welcomed every one  - rich or poor, educated or uneducated; mentally ill or sane; deserving or undeserving. No one is out of the range of His love. All are welcome.

The big question for us today is does this invitation extend to refugees, immigrants, people of other faiths. Are we willing to support these people when our own politicians would deem otherwise?  If we are followers of Christ must not we too welcome these and other needy people who are our brothers and sisters? Will we follow Christ and say “come, welcome” and not be misled by politicians and other leaders who would deny these beloved of God a gentle and generous response

"My yoke is kindly and my burden light." Many will recall the story of the small boy carrying his brother on his back. When a passerby queried this, the boy replied “but he’s my brother!” No yoke, no burden is too heavy if it is taken on through love.

As we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart, we recall Jesus’ deep love for each one of us, even when we stray from the path. The cords of love which bind us to Him will prevent us from going astray, and at the same time enable us to alleviate the sufferings of others  and extend forgiveness to those who wrong us or our loved ones.

In the aftermath of the terrible terrorist  attack in Manchester, UK, and other tragedies around the world, it is perhaps appropriate to remind ourselves that the love of Christ is made manifest in the way we live our lives in love and service of others, whatever their faith, culture or nationality. May the love of Christ shine out in each one.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus may your kingdom come.  Amen

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