Réflexions sur l'Evangile

1st Sunday of Lent

Matthew 4:1-11

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Ellen Keane

Publié: March 05, 2017

As Jesus entered into the wilderness led by the Spirit, the last words he heard were, “You are my beloved in whom I am well pleased.”

This moment provides us with a beautiful portrait of the Trinity.  The focus is on the relationship that was the essence of Christ’s being…a life-giving relationship of love.

Jesus wilderness journey was a time of strengthening his commitment to his identity, his mission, God.  The reality was so stark on the outside that it drew Jesus inside…and tapped into a profound awareness of being loved, of being the Beloved, of seeing as God sees, of knowing in the core of his being that God dwelt in him.

In today’s Scripture passage there would be a threefold test of the love he espoused…a testing of the quality, depth, reality of his relationship….the death-dealing attempt to let “I” become the center of his life – “I” bereft of Thou!

In the final chapter of Awe-Filled Wonder titled Christ Jesus, Barbara Fiand, SNDdeN notes, “What we meditate on when we read the Christian Scriptures is not only (Jesus’) story, as such, the events of his life as they were recorded for our edification.  It is also the story he lived for our salvation.  That means it is the totality of his life lived… for us to live.  Our ‘entering into his story’ today then, needs to be done in our time and our context.” (p.69)

As we enter into his journey into the wilderness this Lent, it becomes ours and challenges us to go within and discover we are the Beloved.  We are to deepen our relationship with our triune God.  And like Jesus, to face the temptations that will follow us through life to let “I” become the center of our life – “I” bereft of Thou! We  become his body…in this our time and place as we develop and deepen a discerning heart that lives, “…the vision of compassion, of unconditional forgiveness, of inclusiveness, of love, of respect for neighbors as well as for aliens, of acceptance, even celebration, of diversity” (p70).


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