Réflexions sur l'Evangile

1st Sunday of Advent

Matthew 24:37-44

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Ginny Scally

Publié: December 01, 2019

As we come into the season of Advent this year, we carry in our hearts and minds, the heaviness of our times: “wars and rumors of war,” nations convulsing with protests from within, repeated mass shootings and the bombings of synagogues in our own country, hate crimes on the rise globally, as we breathe in a toxic environment of lies and abuse of power all over the world, with millions of refugees fleeing their homelands seeking peace, safety and a future for their children, then stand unwelcomed, etc., etc., and we stand and wait… Are we fools? We wait with hope because “a child was born to us, a son was given to us,” and we choose to spend the next four weeks preparing anew to recall and to celebrate this birth on Christmas Day, 2019.

The Word was made flesh and continues to tent among us and we have come to know and to hope in the Man-Child who “grew in wisdom, age and grace,” and who “was crucified, died, was buried and rose again on the third day.” We have come to hope in the promise made to all Creation in His resurrection: the fulfillment of ALL in the Omega Point toward which we ALL are moving!

Just as Mary beheld only a “vulnerable baby boy dependent on others for his every need”* with her earth-eyes, she believed and hoped in God’s promise in her heart that this truly was the Son of the Most High, and yes, “blessed is she who believed,” so too, as we see only “our sin-sick world”* with our earth-eyes, we are asked to believe and hope in our deepest of hearts in the power of God at work in our contemporary world. God may be acting as invisibly as yeast in the dough, but God continues to act with and through all people of good will and through all acts of love, great and small, to “renew the face of the earth.”

In our own Advent faith journey this year then, Mary of Nazareth can be our truest and strongest advocate and companion. Perhaps she would join us, if we ask, as we pray, as we love one another, yes, even as we BEG this year for the sake of our world, as she did in her day, “Come, Lord, come!”

*Weightier the Waiting” … Mary Stommes, editor of Give Us This Day

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