Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Feast of Pentecost

John 20:19-23

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Catherine Waldron

Publié: May 20, 2018

Happy Pentecost is Happy Birthday Church! So let us celebrate the wonderful ways God is with us and empowers to spread the Gospel in and through our lives.

Last night I was at the 90th birthday celebration of a dear friend.  In addition to raising five children, Marie became very active in her neighborhood and city.  The party included resolutions given by elected officials who know her and her effectiveness well.  She not only sought higher education for herself; she found ways for her children to attain degrees in college.  As a student, she became active in the first sorority for African American Women in the United States.  With her encouragement, her daughters followed in her footsteps. All five women in that nuclear family are outstanding leaders “upholding the values of education, integrity, public service and activism.”

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Marie is a Catholic with the mission God gave us all at Pentecost. She raised her children in the faith. She noticed neighbors who were interested in Mass.  She praised and nurtured their faith. She frequently became the godmother.  Those godchildren and so many more gathered last night to give thanks to our good God for placing Marie in our midst.

As we celebrate the birthday of the Church today, let us thank God for the many Spirit filled faith who have nurtured our faith and inspired us to “Go forth to the whole world.” Although the Apostles gathered in fear after Jesus’ death, Resurrection and Ascension, they were ready to receive God’s Spirit and the gift of tongues.  With the presence of God’s Spirit, their hearts became enflamed with the courage and ability to proclaim the Gospel to the many peoples gathered in Jerusalem for the festival of the first fruits.  To everyone’s amazement, their preaching was understandable to those speaking other dialects and languages! The miracle of this gift of tongues became a further sign of God’s reversal of the divisions created centuries earlier by the pride and self interests of those building the Tower of Babel!

Let each of us be ready to welcome God’s Spirit in our hearts and become enflamed with the courage to stand up against the violence, the denial of human rights, the greed and corrupt powers that permeate our world right now.   May we be released from our fears and receive the courage to speak up and to act on behalf of those in our own local and global communities who most need the hope of life and love.  May we trust that God’s Spirit will provide the words and actions that can be understood by the many nations, cities and neighborhoods thirsting for signs of God’s love and mercy.  

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