Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Luke 2:22-40

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Sharon McMillan

Publié: February 02, 2019

It was on this very day, Françoise writes in her Memoirs, that St. Julie and all the Sisters of the community were gathered together in the workroom of the house in Amiens. At some point, Julie leads them "with her usual fervor" in singing the section of today's Gospel known as the Nunc dimittis: Simeon's blessing of God whose long-awaited salvation is now incarnate in the tiny child he cradles in his arms. Françoise continues to describe the scene for us: "as she was singing the words [a light for revelation to the Gentiles], her gaze was lifted to the crucifix, she stopped singing, and her eyes became fixed on the image of our Lord, who seemed to draw her to himself from the depths of her soul."

What was it that Julie experienced in those moments, and what might we imagine that she wants to share with us today from her experience?

Was she filled with awe at the goodness of God whose promised salvation now extended to peoples of every tribe and tongue, to peoples of every culture and way of life? Is she seeing in her mind's eye and heart you and me and us: Sisters, Associates, and friends, being and bringing this light from the workroom in Amiens to the far corners of the world?

Is she hearing the litany, like the harmony of far-off bells, of names of  future light-bearers of Notre Dame? Does she want us too to be caught up in wonder and gratitude that her Sisters for generations to come would appear as a rich tapestry woven of families known as, for example, Kilosa, Mutuba, Chukwu, and Watanabe; Weynandt, Gallagher, Marfoli, Van der Maat, and Da Silva Gaia; Rivera Jara, Murphy, Romejko, and Bermingham?

Or is Julie inviting us into her contemplation of the contrast between the vulnerable child, Jesus (whom the evangelist Luke reveals is the Most High God who has come into his Temple) with the crucified and risen Lord imaged in the crucifix in the workroom? Does she want us to surrender in trust as she did to that love that brings life out of death, that brings confident striding forward out of paralysis?

Françoise remembers that during those moments "light radiated from her countenance." Was Julie seeing the future light-bearers of Notre Dame -- Sisters, Associates, and friends -- who would receive this Christ light from other Sisters, Associates, and friends, and witness to this light by our lives as well as by our words, trusting that this light will never go out? 

On this blessed Feast, let us remember one another in prayer and in gratitude. Let us ask Julie for a share in her own union with her good God. And let us help each other be and bring this light, allowing Jesus, crucified and risen, to draw us to him from the depths of our soul for the sake of the life of the world. Happy Feast Day!


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