Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Sixième dimanche de Pâques

John 15:9-17

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Ellen Keane

Publié: May 06, 2018

NO SEED EVER SEES THE FLOWER ….I came across this line recently and was stopped in my tracks.  How true this is…How very true, and yet, the truth of that never crossed my mind. 

Seeds being seeds…waiting to be received in the soil, being embraced and invited to open themselves to the many transformations that are about to take place ever so slowly. Willing to die in order to bring forth the life that lies within. A stunning journey of love.

If I held a bunch of seeds in my hand, could you tell at first glance the flower-in-embryo they hold? The beauty, the singularity, the unique and often stunning flowers that emerge from these tiny little bits of creation. 

In today’s Gospel Jesus invites us to go ever more deeply into this stunning journey of love. “Love one another as I love you” … present tense. Jesus, loving us and inviting us to recognize that love involves laying down our lives for others…not just those we might consider friends, but the stranger, the alien, the outcast. Laying down our lives for others can often reveal the singularity, the beauty the unique and often surprising return of love. The return of love from without…and perhaps the more stunning discovery that what lies with me is the gift of love that has been recognized and released.

Certainly, the victims of the recent Florida school shooting did not choose that day to lay down their lives. Yet from that tragedy has come forth a flowering of youth committed to respond in such articulate, impressive, thoughtful, passionately determined ways to address and bring about change in the gun laws of this nation.

A lesson in love… for us to become more aware of those countless invitations offered to each of us in the ordinary of circumstances of each day: “Love one another as I love you”.

NO SEED EVER SEES THE FLOWER … but without the seed there is no flower…  

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