Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Feast of Epiphany

Matthew 2:1-12

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Barbara Thiella

Publié: January 03, 2016

We must regain the conviction
at we need one another
and share responsibility
for others and the world,

and that being good
and decent are worth it.

--Pope Francis


Today we rejoice that Jesus accepts responsibility for the salvation of all humanity. The journey story describes how the search for the holy one always releases the unexpected. Yet, following a star in the night sky and hoping for a new discovery, the wise Magi remain steadfast, carrying gifts and staying focused each day.

What gifts are in your hands? How do you stay centered on the holy one in your daily journey?

Like the Magi, our paths have many detours before and after we first meet Jesus. Yet, no amount of trouble limits their ability to accept surprises from the “King of the Jews” in whom incredibly they discover the human face of the Holy One.

How their journey mirrors ours: let us set forth in faith, have robust courage, meet change with hope, and trust that fidelity will lead to realizing the presence of Love.

Another wise man told me that all of Jesus’ adult wisdom about God can be summarized by remembering these words: “I know you. I love you. Trust me.” The Magi’s journey makes these words come alive for me: like the Magi only by trusting God do we return love to Love.

2016 will provide more experiences to test our trust in God during interactions with family, friends, colleagues or connections to the world at large. Our bonds in Notre Dame will influence how each of us finds her unique place in the Magi story and in the words of Pope Francis. So, like the Magi let us stay steadfast and hopeful. Like Francis, may we hold fast to being responsible, good and decent.

Do you find yourself somewhere in the Magi’s story? Is your journey blessed with daylight or do you have only the stars in the night sky for a guide? Do you identify with the Magi or with Mary who receives them (us) with grace and keeps pondering mystery in her heart as it unfolds in her life?

We are starting anew for the old of 2015 has passed away and the new in 2016 is not yet. In the meantime like the Magi (and Mary), let us stay the journey trusting that, no matter what, a loving God remains our constant companion each day of the journey.



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