Réflexions sur l'Evangile

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Matthew 1:18-24

Feast Day Reflection by Sister Consuelo de Rosario Zapata

Publié: September 08, 2015

Walking with Mary to the Father
Translated into English by Sister Mary Kavanagh, SNDdeN

Always when I think of Mary, my memories return to my childhood and adolescence when for the first time my parents belonged to the famous “Legion of Mary.” I remember that one day my mother said to me that we were going to learn the prayers that are in the Legion’s Catena (a leaflet that Legionaries use during the times of group prayer). I agreed and from that night we began our prayer trying to learn every line that was written in the leaflet. Never had I felt so knowledgeable about Mary, so full of confidence in her that I always entrusted everything to her intercession.

Today is Mary’s birthday, now this little one, recently born, is totally dependent on her parents, learning everything so that afterwards she will become the mother of sweet Jesus. Also, this is the reading of the genealogy of Jesus, his history and that of Joseph. This makes me think:

  • How do I walk in my personal history?
  • Do I allow my Well Beloved to walk with me?
  • Do I let him walk with me or do I want to walk alone?
  • Do I let him caress me, help me, forgive me?
  • Do I let myself be carried forward to meet Jesus?

Finally this will be the end of our journey, our pilgrimage through this holy ground, allowing ourselves to meet and be met by our Well Beloved. For me to meet each day with this Well Beloved is to greet my Sisters with a Good Morning. Afterwards we go to the Chapel to thank him for the new day. We meet sometimes around the table for breakfast and later as we prepare to go to work. This is something simple but surely great for Mary.

The other question which comes to mind at this moment and which perhaps we should also ask ourselves, “Do I allow God to be patient with me?”

As St. Teresa said: Patience achieves everything. Today I ask our good God, through the intercession of Mary, that he look upon our long history as a religious Congregation and our short history as a Peru/Nicaragua Province. Today I ask that each person among us might praise him and humbly ask him to give us peace, that peace of heart which only he can give and which he only gives when we allow him to walk with us.

Happy Birthday Mary!




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