Réflexions sur l'Evangile

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Mark 5:21-43

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Michela Sheehan

Publié: July 01, 2018

(I have loved this story since I was a little girl. My youngest sister Sally was sick all the time; as kids we did not realize she would leave us so soon.)

By now Jesus had crossed the lake, met a young father, Jairus, and was walking with him to the house to visit the young child who was ill.  Jesus said, “Don’t worry. Just have faith.” Jesus took the child’s hand. She responded by getting up, dancing (I believe), and sitting down to her mother’s food.

So what has happened?  Is this what happens when one has faith?

Let us listen to the words of a woman of faith from our world today…

You and I have the opportunity and awesome responsibility to compose and play the next movement of America’s symphony of freedom and justice – to forge a nation where more good people outplan and outmobilize evil people; where more people fight for justice than those who fight to maintain an unjust status quo; where more people committed to nonviolence outorganize and challenge those who saturate our nation with guns and destabilize or destroy our nations with war. Together we can build a nation that will pass the test of the God of history asking whether we gave food to the hungry and clothes to the naked, cared for the sick, visited those in prison, gave water to the thirsty, and saw and helped the least of these my children.

          Margaret Wright Edelman - The Sea is so Wide and my Boat is so Small (written 2008).    

The words are beautiful, calling us to believe, to have faith that we can make a difference, that the world can change. “Believe in Me", Jesus says…Do we?

Jairus is not at my door, the homeless are on the street daily, the sick visit a hospital for care and clothing, prisoners are visited by Mary Ellen, Phli and Georgi, children respond to small kindnesses with a smile… And Jesus says what we do is GREAT.

It takes time, it takes faith, it takes belief that it makes a difference on person at a time. WE DO BELIEVE THAT - DON’T WE?




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