Réflexions sur l'Evangile

31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 19:1-10

Sunday Gospel Reflection by Sister Maureen Lomax

Publié: November 03, 2019

 How Can I Catch A Glimpse of Jesus?

‘I heard that Jesus was near Jericho. I wanted to see this teacher and miracle worker that gave hope to ordinary people. I mingled in the crowd as Jesus entered Jericho.  I’m a senior tax collector and so am well known to local officials, including Jewish religious leaders who avoid me because I am ‘unclean’. But this man Jesus seems to mix with all kinds of people and has even cured and forgiven Gentiles, as well as Jews. He isn’t popular with the Jewish leaders though, because he speaks with God’s authority and sometimes shames them for their hypocrisy. I was curious.’

How curious am I to find God in new places/persons, even setting aside my daily routine to ‘catch a glimpse’?

‘I was anxious to see Jesus but I am small of stature and there were crowds of people. I saw a sycamore tree and climbed it, hoping to catch a glimpse of Jesus.’
Do I let personal problems become barriers to glimpsing God    
or do I take practical steps that may be risky or challenging?

‘To my surprise, as Jesus passed, he looked up at me and said ‘Zacchaeus come down. Hurry, because I must stay at your house today.’ I was shocked but so happy. Somehow Jesus had read my inner desires and knew that I wanted to change my life.’

‘Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, say but the word and my soul shall be healed’ we say frequently at Mass.
Do I believe that God not only wants to ‘enter my house/my room/my heart’, but that God actually does?

‘In spite of the objections because of my perceived ‘sinfulness’, I publicly promised to repay anyone I had cheated and also to give half of my property to the poor.’

“Lord give me the courage to accept myself as I truly am, able to know my frailties but happy to welcome you into my house/room/heart at any time!”

‘Jesus too made a public statement: ‘Salvation has come to this house!’. Publicly he re-established that I was still ‘a son of Abraham’ and declared himself ‘the Son of Man’ who had the authority to ‘seek and save what was lost’.’
(‘My glimpse of Jesus’ by Zaccheaus)

“Lord, I am your child!
Sometimes I get lost,
but I know that you will find me,
no matter where I go.

Teach me to glimpse you ‘in all things’,
 opening the eyes of my heart
so that I may recognise you wherever I go.
‘Lord I do believe. Help my unbelief!’ Amen”


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