“Teach them what they need to know for life” St. Julie Billiart

Nov 27, 2021 | Good Works, News & Events

Sr. Teresita Weind, SNDdeN

Dear Friends of Notre Dame de Namur,
Daniel James Brown, editor and historian, is the author of THE BOYS IN THE BOAT. His Documentary renders an inspiring account of concentrated, determined, selfless collaboration of Washington State University’s Rowing Crew. The short stories in this issue of Good Works are also living examples of collaboration. Our Sisters, their colleagues, and partners share a common aim, purpose and vision rooted in the Gospels and common mission of Notre Dame de Namur. Teachers and Health Care providers work together tirelessly, day after day, offering a broad spectrum of education and information adults and children need to “have life, and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

Collaboration thrives when the common aim, purpose and vision of life are clear. The rowing crew collaborated to “bring home the Gold” from the 1936 Olympics. In the process, the boys grew into the needed balance of using their individual gifts and strengths, along with humility and selfless cooperation for the sake of teamwork.

This edition of Good Works features educators in schools and health care centers whose ministry exceeds a single event’s gold prize. Notre Dame de Namur’s international collaboration reflects the words of St. Julie, “Teach them what they need to know for life”, a life that will always include stewardship and giving back to the community so that others grow, thrive, and participate in the life-giving cycle of giving-receiving-giving.
Collaboration is inclusive, enabling all people to move forward together as global citizens.

Thank you, dear Friends, for your focused collaboration with Notre Dame de Namur. Thank you for your prayer and support that enable ministers to “stay the course”, and those with whom we minister to exercise her/his right to live humanity to the full!

In God’s Goodness,
Sister Teresita Weind, SNDdeN
Congregational Leader