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Good Works March 2024

With joy, we, the SNDdeN Congregational Leadership Team designate February 2, 2024 to February 2, 2025 as a Year of Grace and Blessing. A spark fell from the heart of the good God into the heart of Julie, “A woman who knew how to believe and how to love.”

Good Works October 2023

The season of fall or autumn in the Northern Hemisphere marks the transition from summer to winter. Leaves change color, eventually drop from the branches, as trees let go of them to weather the wet, cold winter. Some seeds fall and fallow in the earth until new life bursts forth in spring! Nature’s regenerating life reminds us of Jesus’ saying, “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single grain.”

Good Works March 2023

In recent years, innumerable individuals and families have sought asylum in the United States to escape violence, extortion, extreme poverty, political, religious and sexual persecution. Motivated by the spirit of St. Julie Billiart to serve the most abandoned, we hear today Pope Francis’s call urging “the faithful to consider the treatment of migrants, asking: Do we welcome them as brothers [and sisters], or do we exploit them?”

Good Works October 2022

Cuvilly Arts and Earth Center (CAEC) is one of many creation-centered treasures to be found on the LAND of our Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in Ipswich, MA. It is sacred ground. Our sister, Patricia Rolinger, SNDdeN, foundress of this Center, states its purpose: “…to have children fall in love with creation so when they grow up they will preserve what they love.”

Good Works March 2022

We, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN), invite a new Generation of passionate, energetic young women to follow as disciples of Jesus Christ, as vowed Women Religious and to carry forward the charism of St. Julie Billiart across continental borders.

Good Works October 2021

In this fall semester, Notre Dame Seishin University (NDSU) in Okayama, Japan will offer a new course called Christian Study VII which explores the theme of “Living the Spirit of St. Julie Billiart in a Global Society.”

Good Works March 2021

When the Sisters founded Trinity College in 1897, it was indeed a revolutionary idea: To create the nation’s first Catholic college for women, guided by the SNDdeN charism and values. Amidst controversy and opposition, the Sisters were undeterred and persisted in their vision.

Good Works October 2020

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) to open Notre Dame Educational Centre (NDEC) in Malava, Kenya. Six Sisters, assisted by our aspirants and postulants, serve about 300 pupils, from early childhood to class 8. NDEC’s motto, Educating for Life, promotes St. Julie Billiart’s educational ideals of a holistic education.

Good Works March 2020

The cover depicts the middle panel of the triptych, entitled Mystic, Martyr and Prophet of the Amazon by Sr. Janet Mullen, SNDdeN. This year, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Sr. Dorothy Stang’s martyrdom in Anapu, Brazil.

Good Works October 2019

Since its founding in 1919 as the first Catholic college for women in New England, Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, USA has embraced a spirit of reinvention during pivotal times of change locally, nationally and globally.

Good Works March 2019

A Saint for Our Times, St. Julie Billiart. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur celebrate 50 years of Sainthood of their foundress, St. Julie Billiart. Sisters, Associates, Co-workers and Volunteers make known God’s goodness in our world. God is indeed good.

Good Works October 2018

Over 100 SNDdeN celebrate a Living Legacy with Administrators, Teachers and Student Leaders at the Opening Liturgy of Networking for Mission III at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, USA.

Good Works March 2018

On Ash Wednesday, Sr. Marie McLoughlin, SNDdeN, Chaplain at St. Peter Claver High School, Kroonstad, South Africa assists Bishop Peter Holiday in distributing ashes at…

Good Works November 2017

Sr. Mary Johnson, SNDdeN explains the Study of International Sisters in the USA to the Union of Superiors General (UISG) in Rome, Italy.

Good Works June 2017

Sr. Juana Rivera Jara, SNDdeN is a nurse, living in Tambogrande in a community of four sisters, and working in the town’s health center. She…

Good Works March 2017

Sr. Eucharia Madueke, SNDdeN leads a gathering of Sisters from different religious Congregations to meet on critical social issues with law-makers at the National Assembly…

Good Works November 2016

Many Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in the Congo-Kinshasa Province serve in health care.

Good Works June 2016

The colleges and schools of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the death of St.

Good Works March 2016

The African Photovoltaic Project, initiated by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, provides access to electricity, water and communications in schools, hospitals and clinics…

Good Works November 2015

The Mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) extends to Matagalpa, a small rural town in northern Nicaragua.

Good Works June 2015

Notre Dame in Kenya celebrates a Golden Jubilee (1965-2015), a time of gratitude for the gifts of fifty years and hope for a new future!

Good Works March 2015

This year 2015 marks the 175th Anniversary of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) in America.

Good works November 2014

In February 2015, we will mark the 10th Anniversary of the death of Sister Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN. During the years since her assassination, new life has burst forth…

Good works June 2014

From nineteen countries on five continents, 35 enthusiastic Sisters gathered to make connections and build relationships for networking in ministries for Justice and Peace.

Good works March 2014

St. Julie Billiart’s mission to educate for life is alive in the work place at Notre Dame Health Care Center (NDHCC) in Worcester, MA.

Good works November 2013

50 years after the arrival of the first Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SNDdeN) into Apapa Harbour, we are celebrating the legacy and life…

Good works August 2013

Collaborating with the Church in Japan, Sisters of Notre Dame are challenged to be peacemakers. With our co-workers, we are educating young people to be peacemakers.

Good works April 2013

The Sisters in our ZimSA Province (Zimbabwe/South Africa) have made a commitment to rescue young women, who are victims of poverty, abuse and sex trade.

Good works November 2012

Whatever our different ministries may be, we are all disciples of Jesus. Our different cultures help us to grow, strengthen our unity and live our spirituality.​.

Good works June 2012

We are celebrating 50 years of our presence and ministry among the Brazilian people.

Good works March 2012

For 80 years, the Notre Dame Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, has been rescuing through therapy young people at risk.

Good works November 2011

This issue of Good Works includes several stories about the creative ways many of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are standing up and…

Good works June 2011

The good news is that in each of the articles in this issue of Good Works, the Sisters, Associates, Volunteers, faculty and staff talk about…

Good works March 2011

This issue of Good Works is another illustration of what happens when committed and dedicated Sisters of Notre Dame focus attention and energy on creative…

Good works November 2010

Saints and Souls, worldwide, focus our attention on the first two days of this month.

Good works June 2010

From May 7 -11, eight hundred congregation leaders, representing 600,000 consecrated religious women, assembled in Rome, Italy for the 2010 Plenary Conference of the International…

Good works March 2010

Education is bedrock in the foundation of our Congregation. Marie Rose Julie Billiart brought personal experiences of teaching into the education and formation of women…

Good works November 2009

This issue of Good Works focuses on the ministry of a few sisters.

Good works June 2009

The loving influence and power of the Word is at work in all of our lives.

Good works February 2009

In this issue of GOOD WORKS, you will be reading about Sisters who “educate for life” in schools, through projects that bring people together in…

Good works August/September 2008

Sister Carol Shoup approaches the topic from a U.S. perspective as she directs “High Folly,” a spirituality center in Massachusetts.